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2011 Viet Nam Vets / Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club

Viet Nam Vets M/C

     The Viet Nam Vets M/C is made up of two groups of former military men. Men who served in Vietnam and earned the Vietnam Service Medal and those who served during the Vietnam war and earned the Nation Defense Medal.
     Vietnam veterans returned from a unpopular war, scarred mentally and physically to a besieged nation. We served honorably when called apon during a time when it was socially acceptable for our peers to burn their draft cards or flee to Canada. Wanting only absolution, reason and justification for the carnage, death and sacrifices,  we were lied to by our government, demonized by the media, ostracized by Veteran Groups and the public. "We went away as patriots and treated as outlaws when we returned."
     There were no parades or welcomes when we came home. Most Vietnam Veterans blended back into society by hiding their Vietnam service. Others refused to hide and many of them became bikers and remained free men.
     The Viet Nam Vets M/C is a unique body of men, we give 110% to our club, brothers and families. There are no cliques and no class System! A brother loves his brother unconditionally. We have been through war and society's wrath. The Viet Nam Vets M/C will honor and never forgot our Fallen Brothers and those who were left behind as POW'S and MIA'S.

Legacy Vets

     The defintion of legacy is a gift or honor handed down through a family line. We The Legacy Vets gladly accept the gift of responsibility from our Viet Nam Vet Brothers. The Legacy Vets are made up of active or former military men who've entered the military after the close of the Vietnam War and share the same values as our Viet Nam Vet Brothers. They came before us and are intrusting us to carry on thier vision, principles and traditions well into the future. By following their examples and leadership we create a better future for our club, veterans and their families.
     Legacy Vets are returning warriors from Beirut, Panama, El Salvador, Grenada, Somalia, Desert Storm, Bosnia, East Timer, Afganistan, and what ever happened last week.
    The brothers of the Viet Nam Vets M/C and the Legacy Vets share more than a commom military experience, we also share a common set of social codes and values. We continue to honor our solemn oath to defend and protect The Constitution of the United States and the inalienable principles on which it was formulated.
     We respect all Motorcycle Brotherhoods and have no intention of getting involved with any of their business or problems.
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